Paris – Kindness is Our Resistance to Evil

This seems particularly apt from Vasily Grossman today. His novel Life and Fate holds some very impartant lessons and observations about humanity, a timeless read. I have no words to express the sadness that I feel for what happened in Paris last night, how can we humans do this? So I will resort to the words of another, who struggled with the same questions 50 years ago.

“Today I can see the true power of evil. The heavens are empty. Man is alone on Earth. How can the flame of evil be put out? […] I have seen that it is not man who is impotent in the struggle against evil, but the power of evil that is impotent in the struggle against man. The powerlessness of kindness, of senseless kindness, is the secret of its immortality. It can never be conquered. The more stupid, the more senseless, the more helpless it may seem, the vaster it is. Evil is impotent before it. The prophets, religious teachers, reformers, social and political leaders are impotent before it. This dumb, blind love is man’s meaning. Human history is not the battle of good struggling to overcome evil. It is a battle fought by a great evil struggling to crush a small kernel of human kindness. But if what is human in human beings has not been destroyed even now, then evil will never conquer.” – Vasily Grossman



2 thoughts on “Paris – Kindness is Our Resistance to Evil

  1. Hello Katia,
    I found your web-blog while searching for an astronomer named Gansky. I had found information a few years ago and was looking again. Is he your great-great uncle? Or did you post someone else’s essay?

    My father died in 2002, but several months before his death I told him I had found an astronomer named Gansky on the internet, and he told me that he remembered his father once telling him that he had a cousin who was an astronomer.

    My father was born in Bershad in 1912 or 1913.

    Thank you,
    Paula Gansky
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    • Hi Paula,

      He is! I think he was the uncle of my great grandmother if I’m correct. I am translating her memoir and it’s full of this information, and we have a whole photo album of the family 🙂 The Gansky family line is on the internet as they were a very wealthy and noble family, there’s a crest and everything. Amazing to connect to you! 🙂

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